Steroid Abuse

Among a lot of body builders, professional athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, it seems that the use of steroid has been utilized above the normal level of usage. In fact there have been reported cases that some of the professional athletes use steroids beyond the average dosage. This poses a great problem especially to the ones who use steroid, manufactures and enforce the law because of the conflicting and alarming issues each one is facing in terms of steroid use and regulation. In fact there are also isolated cases where school-children are also involved in the use of steroids at their tender age.

Statistics of Steroid Abuse
Based on National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the institute estimated that there are about half a million cases of grade-school students who admitted and were tested on the use of steroid. The common knowledge of these young children is that they are not aware of the risks and dangerous side effects that are attached with the steroids. Moreover, in a different study with related cases, there is an estimate of about more than a million of adult American who claimed that they tried using anabolic steroid at some point in their life. These statistics show the widespread case on the irresponsible use of steroids. According to health expert professionals, the use of steroids must only be used in certain and specialized cases. If you are not a body builder or a professional sports player, they do not advise the use of it since the dangers and fatal harm effect of it on the body outweighs the positive effects and benefits of various steroids. However, even though the tight regulation of the product has been approved by the FDA, there are still manufacturers that produces these drugs in a form of dietary supplements making it more accessible to public use, in fact even online sites mail order are now used for the distribution of steroids in a common household.

Possible Causes of Steroid Abuse
The exposure of the public to these steroid drugs are the prime consideration on the abuse of the product. In underground markets, the more potent forms are also available at a given price. There have been guidelines as to the regulation, manufacturing and use of anabolic steroid. However, it seems that it is not strictly followed. This may be the reason why there is a widespread abuse on the product this present day. What is more saddening about the issue of steroid abuse is that, most users are not aware of the long term effect of the drug in the body system. Although there are many individuals who claimed that they were informed about the short term effects of the steroid, the long term effects are not discussed. Leaving them clueless about the dangerous and fatal outcome it can cause them, the worst that can happen is death. What does these claims implies? It means that the common steroid abuser is clueless about the harms and side effects s/he may about to experience. The common notion is that, using the product would enhance physical strength, durability and other physically enhancing effects, especially among people whose profession is in the field of construction work, those people who works overtime and through out the night like bodyguards. Others see it as a beauty enhancer since these anabolic steroids have a potent capability for muscle cutting and bulking.

Legitimate and Illegal Sources
Furthermore, there are also steroids that are legally and legitimately prescribed by doctors. These cases involve situations wherein there is a low RBC count, Debilitated and delayed puberty condition, breast cancer or even testicular loss. The access of these anabolic steroids is not easy especially when these experts are involved, however most cases of steroid abusers were able to access the illegal use of the product through illegal sources and smuggling from unknown areas of Mexico and other European countries.

Steroid Abuse Intervention
If there is proper education as to the long term effects of these steroids, including extensive lectures, seminars and forums as to the physical and psychological threat it can pose to the user, maybe the use of steroids like Nandrolone, Boldenone and Methytestosterone among many others are reduced or may be the prevention of use is a great possibility.

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