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When you are about to start a new website, irrespective of the size of the business, there are a few factors which you need to consider. The first and foremost thing that you need to have is a domain name ready to be registered. It is highly recommended to go with a solid domain name. People are usually attracted to websites which have solid URLs. Possessing the correct domain name is the key to attracting customers to your website. If you are in the beginning stage of starting a website and if you are unaware of picking the domain name, hold on until you gain sufficient knowledge over it. Seeking the service of a webhosting provider would further make your task easy and efficient. With numerous webhosting companies available online, it might be a daunting task for you to make the right selection. Following the tips given below would help you in narrowing down your search of webhosting services.

Price Vs right selection

When you research on the webhosting services, you may come across providers offering low cost services. Some even give the offer of free one year service. Most of the people get lured by such offers and sign an agreement with that particular service provider. After one year, when it comes the time of renewal of the hosting account, people get shocked by the prices. The amount would be double or triple the amount that you paid initially. So, make sure you don’t fall in such traps laid by the service providers. By doing so, you would be forced to switch the hosting service.

100% uptime

Uptime is among the crucial factors that you need to look at while deciding on the webhosting service provider. It is certain that you would wish your website to be live all the time round the clock. Look for the provider that maintains 100% uptime. The server needs to have a minimum of 99.9% uptime to serve your purpose. There are websites that have low server rates. So, always make it a point to find the server that offers high uptime.

Domain name

When you look for a webhosting company, make sure whether the domain name is included in the registration or not. The registration that you use is also of great importance. Possessing a hosting plan and domain name will ensure instant update of server name and easy transfer even if you wish to change the hosting company.


It may not be possible for you to decide on the best webhosting company without researching well about each company, browsing through online, you can get this task done easily. There are websites that post reviews on the performance of different service providers. This may include customer reviews as well. Based on these reviews you need to shortlist a few service providers; make comparison and choose the best among them based on your requirements.
So, choose the best webhosting company and keep your website live all the time round the clock.

If you are looking for a company that offers cheap webhosting services (the term in Danish is Billig webhosting) an excellent choice would be one of the best European hosting companies – Surftown.

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