Ocean Kayaking For Beginners

Ocean kayaking can be an extremely rewarding experience, allowing the exploration of new places and the ability to see wildlife that may not have been previously accessible from oceanside walks. Ocean kayaks are often quiet enough on the water that moving with stealth through the coastlines natural habitat is quite easy. This makes it a great opportunity for both fisherman, photographers and those who want to experience nature close up and first hand. However, kayaking on the ocean comes with its own set of challenges and beginners should be prepared for new levels of interaction with the water. Lake kayaking and ocean kayaking are very much different sides of the same coin.

Kayaks were originally made to be used on still lake waters that did not have much in the way of waves and as a result their construction was based around this fact. In recent years kayaking on the ocean has become increasingly popular and prompted the design of more ocean worthy kayaks. To cope with the demands of the open sea kayaks are being built wider and with more carrying capacity to handle these differing aspects. These vessels can glide more easily than their counterparts, making it much easier to move through turbulent water without making noise.

Before trying ocean kayaking it is advisable to take several lessons and learn the basics of kayaking on a lake where it is much easier to get a good grasp of what to do. It is also important to learn what to do when things go wrong, such as rolling the kayak. It is also important to take an experienced person with you the first time you try ocean kayaking. This means that you will have someone there in case something goes wrong and also to help you out if you have any questions.

A kayak designed for lake use should never be used on the ocean, it can be very dangerous. The basic structure of an ocean kayak is very different than that of a lake kayak. The average size of an ocean kayak is between 12 to 15 feet. Ocean Kayaks that are longer help to increase their stability and keep them in a straight line while paddling. They are also usually 18 to 28 inches wide, much wider than those required for still water kayaking. Several types of ocean kayaks are built wider to be able to deal with ocean waves and add the much needed stability to deal with the constantly changing aspect of this new ocean terrain.

Finding the perfect kayak should not be too difficult once your research has been done. While there are a lot of kayak shops in your local area, and these are a great place to test out models and get experienced information, some of the best deals on your first kayak can be found online.

By reading reviews on the different kayak brands, makes and models you are sure to choose the vessel that is right for your first foray into ocean kayaking. Many people enjoy weekend camping trips and wildlife tours on their kayaks and these can be a great way to spend some quality family time.

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