Latin Dance Clothes: Spicy and Colorful Distinctives

In the world of ballroom dancing, the Latin dances are well known. These spicy, sensual dances that originated in Latin America have made their way around the globe, and hold a special popularity in the United States.

The five International Latin dances used in ballroom dancing are the Cha-Cha, the Rumba, the Samba, the Paso Doble, and the Jive. All of these are distinctive in the style of music they are danced to and the moves they utilize, but can still be easily recognized as Latin-style dances.

These dances are known for their distinctive moves, fast pace, expressiveness, and colorful Latin dance clothes.

The dresses and costumes traditionally worn in Latin dances seem to perfectly complement both its music styles and its dance moves. The characteristics of Latin dance clothes you will notice when shopping for ballroom Latin dresses for sale are usually very different from those worn in other styles of ballroom dancing. In fact, Latin dance costumes for sale are usually put in their own category.

The style of Latin dance clothes is usually sensuous, bold, and even, by some standards, bordering on risqué; featuring shorter, fuller skirts, a tighter fit, and more body-accentuating features to complement the sensuous dance moves.

You could say that Ballroom Latin dresses for sale are works of art, and without them, Latin dances would just not be the same.

In contrast, most other ballroom dancing styles are focused on grace and formality, and are thereby found in styles that are traditionally more formal, fancy, and modest, with longer hems and more classic styling – the perfect princess dresses.

These other styles of ballroom dancing favor ballroom dancing dresses and costumes which feature more muted colors in ‘safe’ combinations of pastels and primaries.

Latin dance costumes for sale are not so. In Latin dance, the brighter and bolder, the better. You will see red, bright tropical colors, neon shades, and often a rainbow of colors in one outfit. Everything in Latin dances draws attention to the body, mostly of the female dancer, and color does just that.

Latin dances are bold and expressive, so reason stands that Latin dance clothes should be, too. Slower, more formal Latin dances seem to be well-suited to ballroom Latin dresses for sale. But, for the fast and provocative Latin dances we all know well, dancers look for the spiciest Latin dance costumes for sale to bring all levels of expression to the dance floor. offers the finest ballroom dresses/costumes & dance shoes in the industry. Nancy is a 5 year pro-am ballroom competitor in both American & International Ballroom. She provides quality ballroom dance apparel and accessories, and offers beautiful custom Latin dresses and more at discount prices.

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