Collegiate Sand Volleyball

According to the NCAA, sand volleyball is now the newest collegiate sport. Sand volleyball will start in 2010 and will only be for women.

Sand volleyball will not go by the name of beach volleyball because there isn’t a beach near most of the colleges that will have the sport.

Beach volleyball is the fastest growing sport in the United States.

Implementing sand volleyball at universities will quickly bring in more fans than many people might think. Beach volleyball was among one of the highest viewed sports of the Olympics.

The NCAA still doesn’t understand that sand volleyball and indoor volleyball are completely different games and an indoor coach is in no way qualified to coach sand volleyball.

All athletic directors need to realize that sand volleyball players need a coach that can teach them how to play sand volleyball, not indoor volleyball on sand.

Many hope that the NCAA will add sand volleyball for men in the near future, especially after the number of fans for the sport is higher than that of indoor volleyball.

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