Cabinet furniture: Beauty and Functionality blended together

Choosing cabinet designs is not very easy, because it requires you to consider many design aspects of your home and then make a call on which style, finish and size of cabinet is best suited to your needs. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, a well chosen cabinet can make the difference between an average kitchen and a well designed one; and the same rule hold true whether you consider a TV cabinet, a file cabinet or a wardrobe cabinet. Believe it or not, your cabinet furniture can define the character and individuality of a room and make a deep visual impact, while staying true to their primary functional which is essentially more organized storage space.

It could be expensive to get customized cabinet designs; though in some homes where the walls are uneven and storage space is much needed, customization can be the only way. For example, so many homes have walls in different planes, with unnecessary niches created that look odd. However, if these niches are used to fit in some cabinet furniture, whether it an extra wardrobe cabinet of full height or a lower wood cabinet with a mirror or book shelves put over it, the trick not only makes the room look more beautiful but you also get some function out of the niches. If your budget is small, choose from high quality ply board cabinet furniture instead of solid wood sheesham wood or mango wood furniture – it looks equally good and only because it isn’t made with solid wood doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is poor. If the cabinet has been finished well and has soft closing hardware with base materials that can withstand the weight of whatever you store inside well, they will still last longer and look far neater than installing some steel or wooden open shelves to get more storage.

Remember, with most cabinet designs, the door has the most visual impact. You can choose from traditionally wood cabinets that have jail work done; some will be a mesh design made with wooden slats while others will actually incorporate the traditional wrought iron jalli work for the door with wooden frames for an ethnic look. However, modern cabinet designs with sleek straight lines can be equally appealing. They can have frosted glass doors or clear glass door and today you will also find options in lacquered doors for kitchen cabinets and coloured glass doors for TV cabinet designs as well.

Since the main criteria for getting cabinet furniture are intelligent storage, don’t compromise on organizers inside. Whether it is a wardrobe cabinet that comes with pull out shelves and clear glass top drawers that let you see inside where your socks and ties are, or it’s a TV cabinet that comes with CD drawers and smaller organizers for TV remotes and batteries, or it’s a kitchen cabinet with cutlery trays out in for you to organize spoons and forks, don’t compromise on these additions to save a little cash. They make it much easier to organize your things inside the cabinet, because in the end the cabinet is not there only to lend character to the room but also must be organized in a way that you can find exactly what you want within a few seconds.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, ensure that they make it possible to use available corners smartly for storage. With most kitchen cabinet designs, it is often possible to customize all dimensions – depth, width and height as per your needs.

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