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Urban clothing was initiated from the New York City, but within no time, it became famous in other big cities like Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. Other names of urban clothing are street clothing or hip hop clothing. It is called hip hop clothing because famous hip hop artists wear it. Urban clothing became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The urban clothing trend changed significantly with the passage of time, due to the interest of some designers and artists, who began to create their own clothing lines.

Hip hop music groups became famous in the late 1980s, and they began wearing urban clothing. Hip hop music was very popular among teenagers, and they adopted their style by wearing this clothing. Designers very promptly recognized this trend, and they quickly set about connecting themselves with some popular superstars. Nike, Keds, Kangol and Adidas were some of the famous companies of that time that started making special accessories for the superstars.

In the same period, urban clothing leaned more towards accessories as people wanted the type of jewellery worn by hip-hop performers. Kurtis Blow and Salt-N-Pepa were two famous artists who were wearing heavy gold necklaces and earrings, and the same became fashion in the streets. Name belts, name plate necklaces and oversize sunglasses were some of the other accessories, equally popular among men and women.

In the early 1990s, the idea of urban clothing changed. It incorporated the idea of Black Nationalism by the influence of African Traditions. People in this era changed a lot as they switched from Adidas shoes to Nike shoes. It all happened because the famous NBA player Michael Jordan started wearing Nike shoes. Gangsta was an urban clothing of that time, which included flannel shirts, oversize pants and worn-in shoes.

In the 21st century, the style of urban clothing transformed according to the modern world, because all the hip hop performers and designers established their own lines. With the changing trend, many companies made their way towards popularity and success; these famous brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Boss Jeans, Lugz and FUBU.

In this modern world, urban clothing is one of the most sought after clothing style. You can find a lot of variety of urban clothing on urban clothing stores. For purchase, you can either go to urban clothing stores in the malls or you can buy them online. Anywhere you go, you would find great deals and discounts on urban clothing.

The most sought after urban clothing styles come in menswear. Some of the famous urban menswear is by Ecko Jeans, Enyce Shirts and Rocawear Styles. You would find all these brands on the internet websites or in the shopping malls. Everything from regular urban style jeans to hoodies and t-shirts are available on these stores. If you are on a budget, you should look for deals on urban clothing and try finding wholesale stores. It would definitely save you a lot of money. Some of the famous designers and companies that deal in urban clothing are Sean John Clothing, Apple Bottoms Jeans, G-Unit, House of Dereon, Rocawear, Baby Phat, 8732 Clothing and Phat Farm.

All the above mentioned designers and companies have their own clothing lines and all offer creative designs and styles. These designers design clothing keeping in mind certain personalities, and when a superstar wears a new design out of them, it becomes fashion of the time.

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