After this gruesome murder, you’ll never look at chimps the same way again


Chimps aren’t exactly the soft and cuddly animals that Curious George would have you believe. 

Scientists have documented aggression in territorial chimps on numerous occasions, with separate bands of chimps attacking, killing and even cannibalizing one another to gain access to more resources. 

But a new study details a far more rare case of chimp murder: One aggressive male chimp appears to have been attacked and killed by members of the group he once led.

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The chimp — named Foudouko by the scientists studying the Fongoli community of chimps in Senegal — seemed to have been killed in 2013 after he attempted to rejoin the community he once led after five years in exile, the study published in the International Journal of Primatology said. 

While scientists didn’t see the killing, they did witness the aftermath. 

Members of the…


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