Daily Archive: Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Select Running Shoes

Although most running shoes would seem generic from the inside, they are not. Today’s technology and extensive research have allowed many features to provide a design to suit every individual needs. Not only can they impact your running speed, but they can also affect your health. Badly designed running shoes could potentially cause accidental injuries

Business Ethics: A Quiz with Many Right Answers

You can find various business ethics quizzes around thPick the one answer you think is wrong. This one is different. Each question has only one WRONG answer, doesn’t analyze your answers and tell you where you went wrong. Rather, it is simply intended to raise your ethical consciousness, maybe even stimulate a little discussion between

Basic Flag Etiquette

For some people, flag flying on boats seems very old fashioned and bear no relation at all to modern water sports. But they’d be wrong. Flag flying protocol is an extremely old custom but it also takes into account the law and polite behaviour. Understanding and knowing how to use and fly flags is important