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MONO MUSIC a professional music company.

Create your own original song/music that reflects you or your emotions and passion and get exposure today. We keep complex tetchy processes behind the curtain and guarantee that your experience is simple, fun and satisfactory. We have the platform with capabilities, many musician-made songs, top grade hit music, innovative lyrics, and many of services in

Enhance your Music Experience With Reliable Percussion Instruments

Each and every individual has a passion for listening and playing different kinds of musical instruments. Music brings joy, enthusiasm and makes our mind stress free during the work. If you are music enthusiasts and loves to play musical instruments then you can buy percussion instrument which creates incredible music. Percussion instruments are the musical

Why You Should Be Worried About Antibiotic Resistance?

Antibiotics are important for treating numerous infections, but they are losing their efficacy. Do you know, why? Bacteria come back by adapting and finding new ways of surviving the effects of drugs. The viruses are smart and over the time, they become resistant to antibiotics. People make the condition worst with overuse and misuse of