Daily Archive: Monday, May 8, 2017

Ice Hockey Sticks – Composite or Organic?

If you are new to playing ice hockey choosing a good hockey stick can be a surprising challenge. One of the key questions you will need to answer is whether to go with a wood hockey stick or a composite hockey stick. Even though there are almost no players using wood hockey sticks in the

Types of Survival Knives

A survival knife is very handy in outdoor situations, either for survival or safety purposes. Each type of survival knives has distinctive specialized characteristics. A survival knife normally has a smooth blade. It can be used to prepare foods and cut tree limbs. It can also have a hooked blade for slicing ropes and opening

Swimming Aids and Floatation Devices for Kids

Whether you are going to be the one teaching your young child to swim or they are taking lessons at a Brisbane Swimming Pool, floatation devices are a good aid to help them keep afloat while they are learning the basics in the pool. There is a wide selection of floatation aids and toys that