Daily Archive: Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Top 5 Digital Scrapbooking Software Gotcha’s – And How to Avoid Them!

Using digital scrapbooking software for your scrapbook projects has many advantages over traditional paper scrapbooking. There’s a huge cost savings since you’ve eliminated the need for all those expensive tools and supplies, and you no longer have to pay for costly papers and embellishments that you use only once. Plus, there’s the potential to save

5 Best Ways of Effective Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing: With the increased awareness of online channels and applications, Video Marketing is on the rise. There are many studies and stats that substantiate the fact that videos have been aggressively used as an online marketing tool to meet marketing objectives. Following are some tips that can help you in building effective online video

Hurricane Lane Hits Mexico As Dangerous Category 3 Hurricane

Hurricane Lane and its eye have just come ashore in rural Mexico. According to NOAH and the National Weather Service, it is still a destructive category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of over 125 mph. Warnings of 6 to 12 foot storm surges and possible flash floods and mudslides have been made as this could