Daily Archive: Thursday, March 16, 2017

How To Perfect Your Telecom Audit Process

Telecom audit is an important process for any organization. Human error, failure to pay close attention to details, constraint of time in checking long telecom bills, and insufficient knowledge of new technology and regulations – these mistakes can take a toll on the revenue of a company. Avoiding all these potential problems is an integral

How dehydrated culture media is prepared in India?

Microorganisms generally can live and multiply on nutritive substrates prepared in the laboratory, known culture media. In India dehydrated culture media are prepared containing sterile necessary for the development of microorganisms substances. All microorganisms require water, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, phosphorus and iron as vital elements. The fastidious microorganisms also require growth factors such as

When Adrenaline Addiction Takes Over

There are certain people born with a natural tendency for impulsiveness. Quitea number of these tend to lean towards gambling, the driving reason often being adrenaline addiction. When the central nervous system needs more stimulation, it seeks to find bigger thrills to feed on. It is known that forex trading can provide huge thrills, and