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The Climates Of South America

The continent of South America is a very extensive continent in the North-South direction. Its northern most part the Gulf of Venezuela is at about 10 degrees north while the southern most tip Cape Horn is almost at about 55 degrees south of equator. As we know that chief factor affecting the climate of a

Audi Enthusiasts Learn About The History Of This Auto Manufacturer

Audi is one of the premier and the most luxurious manufacturers of automobile systems in Germany. They are the producers of the Audi Cars which is a famous car in the world. Besides they believe in innovation too. History and Origin: The origin of the company can be traced to 1899 and the founder is

Choose An Award Plaque For The Reward

Are you thinking of presenting an award to an individual? Are you stuck for ideas on what type of award plaque you have to give out? In that case, don’t worry. When presenting someone with an award plaque and you want it to stand out, don’t go with any generalized award plaque. You would like