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Asimov’s Science Fiction – Leading Magazine for Science Fiction Stories

Asimov’s Science Fiction is a leading magazine in the US. The magazine is the brain child of Joel Davis, President and Publisher of Davis Publications, Inc., It was previously known as Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine when it began in 1977. It is currently published by Penny Publications, LLC, the parent company of Penny Press

Urban Clothing-the Hip Hop Trend

The metropolitan areas are known for their fast pace of life, their busy streets, the hustle and bustle and their urban wear. Urban wear originally came from African American teenagers who resided in cities like LA and New York. That is how the trend of urban wear actually started off. But the trends of this

Understanding The Legal Assistance Provided by Rajasthan Consumer Court

Consumer Courts operates to protect the customers from wrong exploitation of a company or service provider. The legal system works for all types of people in the country. It is also considered as one of the most important legislation for the people of the country. Unlike before, consumers are able to take quick action and